Why would a guy like EVERYTHING you post or show up on social media?

Like on fb when I click I'm interested in an event, it shows up on people's feed and he will like that post and sometimes will click that he's interested in that event too. Why? I've only met him once. Thanks fam


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  • lol
    he is either attracted to you
    a stalker lol
    mostly likely attracted to you

  • He is being very creepy.

    • Being very creepy is stalking someone I don’t think he doing that liking a girl pick either means he’s her friend or he likes you or just attractive to you. You don’t even know what creepy is I have experienced it and this isn’t

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    • @Rose00 I disagree. He is obsessed.

    • I know I have meet someone like that someone used to stalk me so yes I think it’s a little unusual

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