Why all the girls have so many options and I don't have options at all?

I'm a 29 years old university student who never had a job and is relying on parents money.
I'm a little chubby, balding, my height is 5'7, I don't have a car, I have anxiety but instead of being humble and depressed I'm narcissist and I don't approach girls waiting for them (and no one even want to talk to me).
I don't have friends too and I'm spending my days closed in my home playing videogames and venting about my life online... When I go outside I'm totally invisible.

But I see everywhere that every type of girls, even not attractive at all and like me have many guys who want get laid with them or to have a relationship... Instead nobody want even to talk to me, I'm treated like trash and they say I have nothing to offer or nothing positive... Isn't it absurd? And what about love etc? Only attractive and successful men are entitled to be loved?


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  • ... really? Have you read what you wrote about yourself and you’re still questioning why you don’t have opportunities?

    Yes women have more attention in the dating realm; but that’s simply how dating works on today’s society. If you’re a bitter narcissist who has very few positive qualities and spends all of your time blaming women for having what you want - I really don’t see why you’re questioning the fact people aren’t queueing at your door to be close to you.

    • Yea, really.

      Being less than 6ft and with a few of hair isn't my fault and life is not easy and simple to everyone.
      Maybe am I a 'bitter narcissist' because have I enough to be considered trash? I repeat, a woman in my condition never receive my treatment and there are everytime some guys who loves her because of how she is inside. Why me not?

      Together to cons I can have a hundred of pros, but no one want even talk to me.

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    • I don't have it! 90% of girls do have it instead. :)

      My psychologist said I suffer low-esteem, but I think my self-esteem is normal.
      I don't talk like that in real life because I don't want instatly be labelled like an idiot, but when women say something positive about themself is accepted; men not. I just want to be myself and attract girls anyway.

      It's frustrating that I am supposed to be humble and describe myself like a big bad shit to be accepted even if I don't think so.

      I'm better to many people who have a girlfriend and date girls, so I deserve one too.

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  • girls always have no options , your right that any single women is going to have some options or men wanting to date her

    but that doesn't help to explain or create any solutions to your problem


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