Is there such thing as an honest loyal woman out there?


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  • Nope.
    Not even one in the 3,783,952,580 living women on the planet, is there one capable of being loyal and honest 🙄

    • I know that goes both ways but in my experience the scale seems to tip farther to the woman's side either way it's heartbreaking that people are that way and everybody wonders why relationships don't work LOL

    • But realistically how often are you having to interact with men who would have a vested interest in you to be dishonest about something and for you to be emotionally hurt by that behaviour? There are just as many shitty men as women - there will always be shitty people and it’s our job to learn the signs of those people by the experiences we have.
      If it keeps happening; the common denominator is you. Look at the women you’re choosing and what do they have in common? Look for something different to that, or if you see those signs early cut it loose straight away instead of continuing to invest and take control of the parts you can.

      Many relationships aren’t going to work, it’s unfeasible to expect our first dating experience to result in a life partner or marriage - but you should be learning something from those negative experiences to make the next one better even if it takes a bit longer to choose her

    • Been there tried that I went from dating app LDS strict Mormon all the way to the other end of the spectrum funny thing is is the better the girl the worst I get screwed and believe me when I say I don't have a negative attitude ever going into a relationship I always go in positive trusting and encouraging but I can't seem to ever find the point where everything seems to fall apart maybe it's me maybe it's not but I'll never give up don't think I can sucks being alone

  • Yes indeed, sir. :)

    • I wish I knew where they were hiding

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    • Honestly... If you're lucky enough to find the right one, it's like winning the lottery.

    • Amen I guess... well here's hoping for that🍺🍺🍺🍺

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