Trust should be mutual so I give it unequivocally but 7 of my last 7 relationships my partner cheated on me how do I find the strength to continue da?


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  • Wow. If 7 of your last 7 relationships cheated on you then I think it is time to really ask yourself if you do not go out of your way to pick the cheaters?

    Statistically speaking, it must be rare to have 7 of 7 relationships involve being cheated on. Gosh, I am sorry. That sucks. I can not imagine it.

    • I don't know if it's them or my friends at some point you start to wonder if it's me but I'm too trusting a person I think that just gets it taken advantage of so I don't know how to change that when I don't want to change myself or how I am towards others

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    • I find it surprising that at your age and assuming you are dating partners of a similar age you are not finding partners that want a committed relationship?

      At your age, most women are definitely seeking a long term relationship and commitment so were exactly are you finding these women that do not want to commit?

    • It could be because when I meet somebody I come across pretty blunt or what's the word I'm looking for I put everything out there all my shit all my baggage right at the beginning I'm not big on wasting time or playing games and I think that might be unattractive to most people

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