Does my manager like me?

We’re both the same age.

We were also talking and I told him about how our Store Manager sexually assaulted a minor at his previous job (he was almost fired for this at our restaurant) and I was telling my manager about how our store manager is always really touchy with me and he said something like “I knew he was a d*ck but now I really just hate him”

Anyway, a week or so ago, my shift ended the earliest like at 9pm and everyone else’s ended until 11pm. He sent all of them home like at 9:30 and kept me until 12:30am. I had done all my cleaning duties by 9pm but he still wouldn’t let me go. I chalked it up to the fact that I’m a lot faster than the people he let go home.

Today, I was scheduled till midnight. Did my cleaning duties and told him I would leave in a bit. And he said “if you wanna stay maybe you can clean the lobby” like trying to find things for me to clean so I could stay later? He had JUST let the girl who cleans lobby go home at around 11pm.

BUT. This manager works overnights on weekends and tonight Like I said, i was scheduled till midnight and he said something like “why don’t you work overnights with me on weekends?”

Could he maybe like me?


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  • yeah he likes you and he wants you so watch out


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