I have a crush on a youtuber and don’t know what to do?

I’m a cuber and have a crush on a youtuber who is also a cuber. I’ve been subscribed to his channel for 8 months and follow him on social media. He’s the reason why I got into cubing in the first place. He’s a couple years older than me and lives in another country. He’s a pretty famous cubing youtuber with 291,432 subscribers on YouTube and 52.2k followers on instagram. He’s 22 years old and so cute. I’m always in a good mood when he uploads a video or posts on social media and I can’t help but think how cute he is.
He actually has 291,650 subscribers on YouTube


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  • I'm curious do you cubers speed cube without knowing anything about orbits and stabilizers? you just followed some routine other taught you and rely on dexterity?


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  • What's your Youtube? And whats his?

    • I don’t post videos on mine but mine is Chloe Starfire and his is Feliks Zemdegs.

    • I suggest you start making videos too, having a Youtube channel can help you build an image for yourself. Say you have a youtube channel, you comment on one of his videos, he clicks on your channel and watches your videos. Months later you message him, he will be more comfortable responding to you.

    • I might consider that. Cubing is a common interest I’m just not fast like him.

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