Ladies, the good eligible men you want are picky do you know that? If you do why do you sabotage yourselves?

The good eligible men refered to here are those financially stable with no debts, owns property, drives a car, 6 feet tall, fit, has a high status job, has good looks (subjective as depends on the lady) and has a good personality (as judged by those around him, commented by older married ladies as well )

These men which seem to be from a fairytale exist.
They have worked hard and disciplined themselves to be where they are now and so are quite picky.

So if you want them, why do you ladies like to sabotage yourselves so much? Do you really want these types of men or not? Do you want to keep them?
The picky part means they don't sleep around, and are serious in relationships.

They do have standards though.


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  • Interesting question and, though I am not a lady, I would like to respond. I'm not an expert, this is just my opinion.

    I was reading an article or a study or something a while ago. It was talking about how people who feel as though they have been screwed over in life feel the world owes them something. Riches and fame and power. The worse your life has been, the more good things must happen to make up for it. This is wildly illogical of course.

    This combined with the myriad of love stories, in which two unlikely characters end up happily in love, cause people to believe they will have this as well.

    And there are cases where a bond forms between two people, one who has a lot more going for them and one who has a lot less going for them. But what I've always wondered: In these cases, where personality makes up for looks, did the less attractive person seek the other out Because they were good looking or did the less attractive person form a connection with them that went deeper than the surface and they just so happen to be more attractive?

    Fortunately, most people men or women aren't this picky. The ones that are are putting themselves in a high risk, high reward situation and might end up alone. It's up to the individual to decide if it's worth it or not.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion.

      The reason I ask the question was because ladies usually want this sort of partner but they do things which would make that sort of person not be interested in a relationship with them.

      So its quite strange to me. If you want something would you do something which would increase your chances to get it instead of the opposite?

      Oh, picky means they don't sleep around.

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