How do I deal whit love?

i am not so atractive guy , i have been around my really good friend (a girl and single ) a lot recently and i love her to death only problem is i have no idea what she thinks of me we have so manny things commen if i look at her i smile even when i think about het she is the most atractive girl in my point of view myself i have nevver in my life had an serieus relation i am scared to tell her what i feel cous i dont wanna lose her she is my evrything


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  • Ok, ready for the big tip? If you have been close for a while, just ask her. Straight up. If she's comfortable with you and the friendship is strong, she'll keep it straightforward and tell you how she feels. Also you can look for signs during her reactions, like blushing or confusion. I told my guy best friend, that I liked him and his response was "I've been waiting for the day that you'd feel the same way I do"

    • hi, thanks for the reply,
      when we go out do stuff she is always happy whit me bieing around her (what i mean is a hug , a smile, a wink, ect) i askt to go to the movie recently (was awsome day) and she was blushging and verry happy but the somtimes she can be harsh and block herself off to do anything fun cous she 'dont feel like doing stuff' (kinda in a bad mood somthimes) its really hard to understand girls and i am scared i Will block off the friendship we have

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    • thanks a lot i will see what i can do girls are hard to understand i will do exactly like you said say it but dont Overwelm whit a nice pasta thank you that you took your time to help me out on this thats sweet of you

    • Np love, hope it goes well 😋

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