What would you think of a person who dated her ex friend just to spy on her ex?

I broke up with my ex a year ago. I told him I was dating someone else but I really still liked my ex. I still see my but not often as I would like but he’s very distant now. His friend likes me but I’d rather be with my ex. Would I be wrong to date his friends just so I can find out what my ex is up to?


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  • That’s wrong on so many levels

    • What’s so wrong about it. I’m just trying to find out what he’s been up to.

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    • Why is that wrong? If we both consent to it how can that be wrong?

    • Because it isn’t moving on now is it

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  • Go to a psychialitrist

    • Why his friend is cute and I still love my ex so it’s like killing two birds with one stone

  • That is so sad.. move on with your life.. he’s your ex for a reason

    • Yes but I want him back. After Ibrome up with my last boyfriend he’s been distant. So if I date his friend then I’ll know what he’s up too which is making him distant.

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  • That would be very creepy. I think its better to just move on and dont sink so low.

    • Why is it creepy? i’m Dating his friend and I’ll be able to see him more and I can ask his friend questions about him. No harm at all.

    • @Asker so you dont even love his friend and you are using him as an excuse just to see your ex. there is nothing wrong there.

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