If im friend zoned and I want to tell her I like her more than that, should I tell her or keep the friendship?

We have been great friends for more than 5 years and we refer to eatchother as sis and bub, but we get eachother gifts and hug everytime we see eachother. I am not sure if it will ruin our friendship because of how i actually feel towards her.


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  • daaamm okay. Are you ready to take the chance emotionally? You can loose her my dude... If you tell her how you feel you can ruin the friendship buut there's is a chance she will like you baack and it can all be great.. but its up to you balls in your court.. are ya gonna take the shot? lmk what you end up doing

    • Alright i will but after reading all this i am pretty sure im just gonna wait or try to find out before i make a move. I really dont wanna loose a friend

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  • There is a chance that if you tell her, the relationship won't be the same. In the same token, you have to be honest with yourself. Do you think she is the one for you?


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  • Find out first through some mutual friends if she likes you the same way as you like her and look carefully at the way she acts with you that is different to the way she is with others and then analyse the situation and then only confess to her. You need to be at least 99% sure that she feels the same before telling her how you feel.

    • Alright this helps a lot thank you!!

    • You're welcome! Glad that I could help! I hope that she feels the same for you as you do her! Best of luck!

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