What does it mean when my boyfriend said “girls don’t count“ when we were joking around?

Ok so my boyfriend has me so confused. We were joking around and he said my boyfriend is going to stop by too. I was like yeah bring it. He was like that’s not the reaction I expected lol. He has made other gayish comments. So I said keep it up or I’m gonna leave a huge hicky on your neck for your boyfriend to see. He said that’s ok “girls don’t count”. I was like wtf. That’s kinda weird for a “straight” guy to say. I don't know what to think.
I want to also add that we have seen each other damn near every day since we met. 2 Months. And we have had kinda sex twice that’s it. He loses the election half way through. but will let me go down and he goes down. I have slept over his house at least 20 times too.
I figured he wanted to take it slow.


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  • Idunno


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