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Ok me and my other half have been split for 5 months now but we are trying to work things out. So here's my problem we have 2 kids together. He says that we are his world and I'm always his first choice but he won't come home. He says he loves me but he is always with his current ex since we split.. what does it mean?


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  • It could be that he isn't quite convinced that it would work a second time and he seems to be hedging his bets between you and his ex. Why did you split in the first place?

    • We split due to reasons... And we'll this ex he flat out said he wants nothing to do with anymore but he always seen with her. She drives him crazy. They live together (at his sisters, I have my own place) and fight all the time. She has gone to the point to tell him she's obsessed with him since he was 13 (he's 18, she's 28). He calls me babe and baby and her a whore or a bitch etc. It's just confusing me because our daughter is a daddies girl and he hardly sees us because of her

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    • I understand that. That's why I was asking in the first place

    • I think that you can do so much better. I think that maybe your doubts about that are why you are even considering letting him back into your life. You think of being single with two kids and how no other guy will want to take that on. You probably also have a somewhat naive idea that you could all be a family. I say naive because there are no indications as yet that this guy will ever be anything good for you. He's proven nothing.

  • His kids are his world but his ex is #1

    • See and I tell him that all the time but he says I'm #1. I mean come on he hasn't slept with her in months... me it's whenever he sees me

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    • He is full of shit. Don't do it or you are setting yourself up to be hurt

    • I'm not even thinking about it because I have been hurt way to much by all of this as is

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