How do I go for a kiss on my date?

So I'm going on my second date with this girl that I'm dating, and we didn't kiss on the first date (I didn't feel like it was the right time). Now, I feel like the second date will be right, but I'm not sure how to go for It, and how to know if she wants it as well. Any advice?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Depends on how long you've know this girl generally speaking. Also, what were her signs on the first date, was she flirty or slightly reserved. This can tell as to whether she would be up for a kiss or whether she would wait as little longer. Think about it.

    • Also dont rush it, give signs that you would like to kiss her like looking at her lips then her eyes. Don't just hit the gas pedal haha

  • If she wanna kiss you, then you can kiss her. I hope you don't kiss her without her permisson.


What Guys Said 1

  • When you drop her off, if she faces you before she goes in, and pauses, she is waiting for you. Just lean in, and she will do the same. If you want to make it more special or intimate, you step right up to her, and put your hands around her waist, or have one hand hold the side of her face as you go in. Head tilt is usually to the right, but anything can happen, so pay attention as you go for the kiss. A quick lip to lip peck is all you need, don't over do it, don't over think it. Good luck!


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