Annnnd he just stopped texting me?

I was on a date with this guy I met on a dating app (not tinder) and we talked a lot and had a good laugh but I was not sure if he was that into me cause he seemed quite reserved. He dropped me at the hotel and he kissed me I was quite surprised. I didn't let him in saying my room was messy (it was but I just didn't want him in my room after he first date). Anyways after the date I tell him that I was surprised he kissed me as he seemed quite reserved. He tells me he had a good time and he'd like to see me tomorrow for bowling or something. Just an hour later he completely stopped replying to anything ignores questions. Like he turned 360. I left my headphones on his car so I ask him if he could get hem back and he says he doesn't have time his week but he can send them via post? I'm so confused as he seemed so eager to see me and now he barley responds to my messages. Only about the headphones. Should I confront him or just give him the benefit of a doubt that he could be busy and I'm just overreacting? It's only been 3 days


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  • No, something is wrong, because he didn't even want to Hand you your headphones back despite wanting to see you the next day.

    He was probably bothered that you were surprised About the kiss, silly as it sounds. You probably shouldn't have said anything About that.


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