Are we doomed or is there still hope?

Me and my boyfriend have been going through some rough patches the past month or so. With some of the things that were going on i asked him a question and even though he answered it i dont think i really believe what he said. Then i asked him if I've ever said anything that maybe he didn't believe and he said yes then said but i told him to trust me so he trusts me. But it seems like he does only because i asked him to. And the same goes for him. He told me to trust him but i can't stop thinking about this situation and replaying it in my head. Why can't i just “ drop it and trust him” like he did for me when i asked him to trust me. We love each other very much and we do make each other happy. Just all of this has me questioning everything...


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  • I think you're worrying About it too much. Just focus on enjoy yourself and having a good relationship with him


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