Why would my ex boyfriend allow his new girlfriend to contact me when I have had no contact with him? Is this a way of him trying to get my attention?

He is aware she contacted me. I have had a new number so he doesn't have my number. She asked me "is this really you?" She gave me her number and asked me to call her I told her no. She said "Your ugly!" She told me some mean things he said about me and even went far to screenshot a convo they were having while she was messaging me and he said I was crazy and obsessed with him and he was definetly aware of her contacting me. All this happened over fb. I don't use FB. He don't have a fb and never did. I wonder how she knows my name and last name. She also told me his mom said I was really nice. I don't know whats going on and i'm really confused. She also said they been together for 5 months and he lies to her a lot and doesn't priortize her.


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