I'm dating with my best friend's ex what can I tell this to her?

She still loves him i think and i dont know how i'll tell this to her. How can i tell this? I don't want her to hurt


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  • You are getting ready to lose your best friend. Dating her ex is absolutely forbidden. Guys have a rule which is crudely expressed: "Bros before Hoes." That means that friendship with another guy is more important than an opportunity to date a girl.

    You can't unring this bell. You can tell her yourself - and she will end your friendship, or you can wait for her to learn about this from someone else, in which case she will end your friendship and hate you for the rest of her life.

    • Omg i made a terrible mistake, didn't i? I'm so sad, and by the way i don't know how to deal with this.

  • You're definitely going to hurt her whether you tell her or not.
    It's better if you tell her than if she finds out another way, but she still might hate you.

    • Isn't there a way that she'll not hate me when i tell this to her? I'm so desperate rn

    • I don't blame you since you can't really choose who you're attracted to.
      But I also don't blame her, especially if she's still in love with him.
      Maybe explain why you're doing it?

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