Guy pulls second 3 week disappearing act in 5 months of dating. Should I show up at his school to ask?

He was always talking about health problems and emotional difficulties when we communicated online and he also mentioned 2 heart conditions and a psychological problem and sleeping problems which were so bad his parents kicked him out of the house because he was too stressed out to fall asleep at home. They paid his tuition, food and rent while he lived away from home close to the school where he studies.

I am considering showing up at his school so that I can get him to tell why he ghosted me for 3 weeks. It won't be weird - he is the executive in a bible study at school so if show up at the bible study I will probably run into him. I don't even know if he is alive right now! I am worried he is mentally retarded from health problems or dead in a cardiac arrest or suicide attempt. I want to know if he is okay and why he hasn't been responding.

He disappeared on me for 2.5 weeks in May too and then resurfaced to tell me about his problems. He told me his health problems were too personal to discuss in an e-mail or online conversation so he wanted to wait until we were face to face to tell me what was going on which was why I had to wait almost 3 weeks to figure out what was wrong with him.


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  • Why are you even dating him?

    • He is very supportive. He listens to all my problems and never judges and he rejected a girl 3 times hotter and richer than me to be with me cause he liked my personality more.

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