Is he interested? why?

I matched with this guy on bumble. We hit it off and the conversation was good for a week straight. He asked for my instagram so I told him what it was, he followed me and vice versa. We speak on instagram now and again almost every day. I've gone back onto the dating website and all our conversation has gone but he still follows me on instagram. He has either deleted his bumble or removed me on there. I'd like to think it's the latter. Should I keep following him on instagram or just unfollow and leave everything as it is. Part of me always thinks the worse that he has removed me on there rather than him deleting his profile.


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  • Did you get his phone number? You can call him in case something went wrong online to his profile.

    • nope but there's a call option on instagram so we could call each other if we wanted. I just dont think he's interested

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    • I really want to call him but it's only been a couple of weeks so don't want to be seen as needy

    • That's not needy. If you called him the first night that is needy. At least a week has gone by, you are free to call him. Just don't get into a habit of calling him every day.

  • Why don’t you just meet him in person and see what he’s all about


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