Does this girl just think of me as a friend?

So basically I knew this girl for 7 months. She told me she liked me to my face several time randomly. She gave me a few hints too. She told me out of random one night that she was single and was asking if I like her hugging me and I told her “yeah as a friend right”I dont know why i was just scared at the time. But we were messing around and having sex during all of this.

She would always touch my hair, give me random kisse, always hold my hands and rest her head on me. She went to study abroad for a month. I rarely reached out to her. Maybe I did twice the whole month while she reached out to me.

When she got back we grabbed lunch and she gave me 2 gifts from Europe. We then went to dinner a week later and i could tell the vibe was off. She wasn't all over me like she was in the past. So i asked her out to be my girlfriend and she told me while on break she realized she wants to be alone and that she can only offer her pure friendship... also claiming she has no feelings for me and sees me more as a friend. She said also that she doesn't do friends with benefits.

This took me back because of how intimate we were over the past 6 months. So since this talk she's been texting me everyday even calling me. she's asking me a bunch of questions and telling her what she's doing thruout her day... she asked me to help her out with her car the other day and we ended up talking after for like 2 hours... she was all fidgey and getting close to me and touching me and laughing non stop at everything I said...

Im just really confused like like girl is sweet too and pretty inexperienced. So i dont think her intentions are to use me. But still she's texting me everyday. If she knew we were just friends why even bother? She also basically told me she wanted me in Europe 2 weeks before she told me were just friends... again very confusing.


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