Why can't I get a date? Am I doing something wrong?

Here's a little background about me:

In high school I was the quiet nerdy girl that had no friends. I'm not sure how I ended up in that role, but it's where I spent my whole four years of high school. I was also rather unfortunate looking.

Now I'm in college. I'm in my junior year, though I've taken extra credits so I can graduate early. I'm studying Psychology and American History at a prestigious university. I come from a lower class family and received a large scholarship. I have already been offered a scholarship that would cover my grad school program completely. At the moment, school is everything.

I work two jobs to support myself. One is in a bar, where I work with many other students. My other job is as an account executive to a cosmetics company, where I am the youngest employee by 20 years. I work 30 hours a week.

In my free time I write (I'm currently working on a novel), take pictures (I'm taking a photography class next semester), and train for Tae Kwon Do (I'm an orange belt). I spend most of my time in coffee shops, bookstores, cafes, and art museums.

As far as looks go, I have shoulder length auburn hair that is usually wavy, though I straighten it sometimes. I wear minimal makeup, but always a little to enhance my looks. I dress like a normal college student, though sometimes I like to dress up in cocktail dresses. I am 5'5", wear a size 4 jeans and size 2 dress, and have a 32B chest size.

After reading all that, could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong? I've never had a guy approach me before. I've never been flirted with or asked out on a date. I have approached guys before, but they always brush me off. Could you please tell me what to change, or give me helpful advice on getting guys to notice me or accept my date offers?


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What Guys Said 1

  • not to be mean but the problem is that your not overly interesting so your not going to draw the attention of most guys from other girls. you've gotta get some new hobbies that are exciting and can showcase a fun side of you. clubbing for example get out there and talk to guys with some confidence and you might have better luck

    • is their anything besides clubbing that would make me more interesting? I hate drinking and partying.

    • umm well you cut out a lot of the things I do for fun to meet people.. maybe join a gym or something just saying that writing books and photography and working a lot is nice to see that you can support yourself but isn't going to attract guys. You've gotta go out of your comfort zone so perhaps you should try to like drinking and partying

What Girls Said 1

  • I think your interests and hobbies are very interesting. don't change your interests or hobbies just to get a guy. that is so ridiculous! have confidence in yourself. flirt with your eyes and a smile. act interested in guys. :)