Would you date a Satanist?

BEFORE YOU THINK ABOUT THE HORNED BEAST BELOW, I want you to know that I'm talking about LaVeyan Satanism. Which is just another form of Atheism. I recommend you doing a little research before answering, I mean your on the internet right now to read this. LaVeyan Satanism doesn't actually worship a real devil and it has its own commandments called "The 11 rules of Earth" which are very reasonable. I mean your still on the internet to read this. Read them, I think their WAY better that the Christian's 10 commandments. Basically LaVeyan Satanism is the belief that you should live for fulfillment and get what you want out of life. I can actually qualify as a Satanist. But I tend to call my self an Atheist because I think it sounds more "presentable" and I don't feel like explaining myself when people gasp. But I also wondered, how would being a satanist affect my dating pool? Would you date a Satanist?
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