Feel as though my boyfriend doesn’t love me as much anymore. help :(?

Whenever I’m sad he turns his back in bed, say we have an argument he just turns his back and goes to sleep. I suffer from really bad sleep pralaysis when I’m stressed and he knows this so if an argument is unresolved I get super anxious and can’t sleep. Tonight we had an argument and again I wanted to resolve it but his turned over again. I got him to speak to me and asked him for a kiss to which he said ‘not too many’ and tells me to stop breathing on him.. I just feel like a burden and kinda unloved by him.. i don’t know why his being so cold towards me, he was never ever like this before. Whenever we get into bed and he comes off his game he just turns his back and goes to sleep, no cuddles or anything, he just wants the light off and to sleep. Any ideas on what I can do? I just feel like a massive burden right now


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  • It’s about over. It won’t change so you have a decision


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