Why do I keep being an insecure asshole?

I was speaking to this one guy, he seemed pretty cool, but then one of his messages was followed by something completely unrelated, so I assumed he had accidentally sent me this and it was meant for another girl. So I ignored him. Then when he next messaged me, I told him I was going on a date to make him jealous. He then got moody with me, and said that I’ve ruined it and that the reason he said the unrelated thing was because the message came through late about something else. Then it was “oh but you decided to just assume something without asking me first, then you just go and organise a date with another guy. I’m not angry I’m disappointed that this has happened, oh what you could’ve had”. So I just said sorry, nobody’s perfect and moved on from him.

Then the next guy, i had sent him a message, he hadn’t replied in hours but I had noticed he’d been online a few times but still not opened it. So then when he did message, I ignored him. He asked me why, and I said there is no point speaking if I feel like I’m being ignored. Then he said he was at work, and that I also take a long time to respond as well, but that he doesn’t get mad when I do it, and then he said he can’t be bothered with me anymore.

I know I’m going about things the wrong way with people, and it pushes them away. But I’m just really insecure because of past experiences with men, and I assume that they just want 1 thing and are talking to other girls, or that they get bored so start ignoring me.

How can I get past being like this?


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  • Look guys like you are very much human. Those guys were assholes but still kinda human but they don't deserve to be treated as such because of what they pulled.


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