Is it wrong for me to take it personal when girls just want to be friends?

So I met this girl through friends in September. I think she’s sooo dope beyond just be gorgeous, i jus get a big ass goofy smile when I see her snaps. We hang out all the time we go out, we smoke together we hang out after hours like during booty call hours. Lately I can feel my feelings grow stronger for her but I haven’t shot a shot just yet only because I’m scared she won’t like me and if she doesn’t like me more than being her friend, I know I will take that shit kinda personal. No I’m not goin to lash out at her and be mean to her but I might not be as available to her as much as I am now. At first I was just fine being her friend i really like her personality and her friendship, she’s such a nice person I don’t want to lose her. But I want to be with her and I know I won’t be her friend if she saw me just as a friend. I know it’s ok if I’m not her type or whatever. That’s life. And nooo I’m not ugly or i get dates regularly and have a very healthy sex life. Follow me at drewski_badass on ig.

Is it wrong for me to cut our friendship off if she she just sees me as a friend? Should i just be mature and be her friend? Maybe she a weenie like me and scared to shoot a shot? Maybe she’ll eventually like me? Please give me some honest answers. I don’t know you all so it’s fine to be brutally honest with me. Thanks in advance internet people.


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  • Cool how do we know that we r talking about the same person


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