Would you date a guy who tortured people in the military?

and Who used to deal drugs made millions off of that, never did it himself but got shot at and had to shoot people and who also served in the military and had to torture people, like real insane torture.

If all of that was in the past, would you date them?


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  • Sounds like BSi, guy clearly doesn't know opsec (operational security) which is high in the military. No one in their right mind would disclose that information, let alone be allowed to disclose it. Sounds fishy

    • It’s funny you said that because others have said something sounds fishy and off but he has photos of himself and Lithuania in a bunker in gear awhile ago

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  • Would you?

    • I’m not sure. Hence why I’m asking YOUR opinion. Just curious as to what others think

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    • I wasn’t looking for someone to make my decisions for me. I literally just was curious to know what others thought, maybe they’ve experienced something similar and can inform me of the benefits and pitifalla ahead or maybe they’ve dealt with people like that for longer than I have and witnessed more behavioral patterns that after only a month of knowing him I have yet to witness. I was trying to make an informed decision (I don’t think there’s anything wrong with tha) instead of just going with my heart bc my heart has been wrong on many occasions. Also, this IS a forum to ask people’s advice

    • Right that it is. Since you mentioned your heart, go with it. That can never steer you wrong. Even of you wind up somewhere you don't want to be because of it.

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  • Nope. Some things are irredeemable in my opinion, torture is one of them.

    • Even if you did it for the military?

    • I don't really care how it was justified. Killing is forgivable in certain circumstances, torturing a helpless person is not.

      Keep in mind this is just my opinion of course.

  • Sounds like someone with the conviction to do what needs to be done.

  • All of those things are a REQUIREMENT for dating me.

    • I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or serious in that you’ve had the same past

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