Should I wait if we are not committed to each others?

I'm going away for 5 months next week, and we've been together without any label for 5 months now. Should i wait for him during the next 5 months, or should i be open to new people out there? Because i'm afraid i'm wasting my time waiting for someone who doesn't want to be official with me, but i also don't want to lose a good guy who i'm really into.


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  • You feel morally bound not to meet other guys but you're not official.
    Can you talk to him about it? I'd be inclined to leave it open and maybe pick it up in 5 months if you both still want to.

    • How should i bring this question up? I also i want to have the "what are we" talk right before i go because either I sound insecure or it looks like i'm forcing him to commit.

    • *don't want to

    • Then start with what are we?
      Unless it's a great answer, go on to: as you know, I'm going away. I really like you and had high hopes that this would develop into something really special, and it still could. But at least for now, I suggest we go our separate ways and see where we get on our own.
      No fault, no blame. It's a mature, level headed decision.

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