Girls, if a guy says you're pretty?

Let's say a guy told you, "hey, I just want to tell you are very pretty or beautiful" do you automatically assume he likes you or wants to hit on you?


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  • Um nope... I've had it happening before but I just assumed they wanted to be nice

    • truth is, guys and men are attracted to looks first, so breaking the ice and saying she looks pretty which some guys do is an indication he likes you.

  • Depends on how he says it

    • you're right...

      if it's, "damn girl you fiiine" sounds ghetto and cheap
      if it's, "omggg like your sooo pretty" while flaring a hand at her seems gay
      and if it's, "wow you're pretty" with signs of ahem... a little excitement that should be a give away.

    • Yep, also, if they’re casually already sitting next to me, I take it as a compliment
      If the guy crosses the room/street to tell me that, that’s a flirt usually

  • Not necessarily. Depends on context.


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