What would your first reaction be if you found this in your mailbox, in this situation?

It’s been a long and cold winter. Pretty much all of your friends left the country to go travel and right now, they’re all in Europe, traveling, partying together, enjoying summer while you look at their pictures hoping you could be there as well. Even your brother is there in holy day. Obviously, they don’t hold back sending you snaps saying “thinking of you shivering back there” with them at the beach several times daily.

Your ex, your dream guy/girl, is in Europe as well. He/she moved there last year. The two of you planned to go live there together, but than you didn’t have the money, they went, and you broke up with them because a ldr didn’t come into question. They would have wanted one and were quite broken hearted. You are now dating an old friend of yours, who can’t really compare, but you’re ok with it, it’s fine for now, doesn’t have to be forever.

On a cold and stormy evening you get home from work, which you hate and is very badly paid. In the mailbox you find a photo album your ex sent you. It’s full of your pictures together, your happiest moments, your jokes. Even a couple pictures that are a bit too sexy. And pictures of them in Europe, looking better than ever, saying “I wish you were here”.

First reaction?

Mine was a stomach ache and terrible blues.


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  • What was the purpose of that letter being there?

    • No letter it’s just a photo album and purpose, I don’t know

    • I wouldn't put my such a situation... however I would stand in front of that house while it rains and wonder how did I give up on everything that I loved... how can I be in a borderline unhappy relationship... am I that needy... I would have all these questions running through my head.

      My feeling: Angry disappointment and determination.

      It's never too late to change your life :)

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