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What does it means when i guy said he likes me. But he said he doesn't want to enter a relationship because i might just get hurt... :( cause he said i deserve someone better because he is un traditional and screwed


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  • Only he knows for sure, but I would take him at his word. If a guy tells you that, he generally means it.

    • Oh k! Maybe he doest really like me.. But he said he wants to date me.. And said he wants to change for me.. But i told him to be friend

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    • It may hurt now, but he is actually doing you a favor

    • Yeah.. But he said it is weird to like a traditional girl... Hmmm i guess.. I dont need to force a relatjonship andrlet time to decide

  • It seems like he's trying to be honest with you because he likes you but doesn't want to hurt you or have you expecting a relationship. He may have hurt someone he liked in the past and doesn't want to go through that again.

    • Yeah we two are both different poles.. Bit sometimes i find him confuse.. He wants me to be jealous and sing for him. Etc etc.. He said he do likes me but maybe not that serious cause he dont know what is his feelings

    • to be jealous how? So he's not sure what his feelings are?

    • Yes! And even!! The moment i told him about chatting girls.. He even followed more!!! He sajd i hope im jelly

  • It means he's a douchebag that puts his lack of interest on you.

    move on


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