Girl needs space and doesn’t want relationship right now?

Been dating a girl for two months. Things were great until a week ago. Daily texting back and forth, hanging out all the time , going on dates, sleeping together, spending the night etc.

She went out of town on vacation with her family about a week ago and suddenly changed her tune. She got very quiet and non responsive to me. I questioned this and she said she felt like I was controlling her and she could not be herself around her family. I apologized and told her I was just confused about her sudden change.

After a few days of her being cold I confronted her and asked for an explanation. Told her if she is done then she needs to let me know so I can move on.

She said she enjoys me, all we have in common, and the time we spend together, but she feels suffocated and needs to focus on her family, friends and herself.

I told her I understand and would bring her stuff that she left at my apt over in the evening after work. She quickly told me not to and that she still likes me, but just doesn’t want to feel like we have to talk daily or see each other multiple times a week.

She said she’d like to hang out here and there when she is free, and wanted to know if that was okay.

At the time I said yes. I figured she needed her space and that I didn’t want to suffocate her. But now that a few days have passed I feel like maybe I should move on.

My thought is that she doesn’t have time to even talk here any there, and only wants to hang out when it seems convienient for her. Why should I wait around? I’m obviously not on her list of priorities. Even close friends talk a little each day right?

Am I totally off base with my thoughts? Do I completely cut ties and move on or do I hang out with her when she wants to and see if things get back to where they were?


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