If several/decent amount of people tell a woman she’s attractive, why does she not get much attention from guys?

I mean I know beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I feel like if multiple people tell a woman she’s cute or pretty, there’s a good chance she is. So why is this woman typically ignored by men? Is she not good looking after all? Or does she just have rotten luck?


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  • If you Google "Beautiful Girl Syndrome", that's basically saying that beautiful girls can be bitchier and high maintenance because guys are willing to put up with more because she is so beautiful. Guys won't put up with so much shit and work if the girl isn't so attractive.

    "Beautiful Girl Syndrome Type II" is a phrase I coined, but it's a real thing I discovered not quite 40 years ago. This will take some time to explain...

    All guys need to feel that they can "win". They view things something like a competition in which there is some goal that they want to achieve. If a guy wants something and he believes that there is SOME possibility that he may get it, he will get emotionally involved. If he begins to believe that he won't get that, then he begins to withdraw and get emotionally detached. However, sometimes a guy doesn't even think he has a chance, so he doesn't bother...

    And this is where "Beautiful Girl Syndrome Type II" comes in. If a girl is really beautiful, a regular guy thinks:
    1. There are a zillion other guys who want her.
    2. She almost certainly already has a boyfriend.
    3. There is no way she'd be attracted to me; I am not anything special.
    4. If she did date me, she'd dump me for some better looking guy who will hit on her and there definitely will be such a guy.
    5. She's going to be bitchy and high maintenance. (In other words, he's thinking she suffers from normal Beautiful Girl Syndrome.)

    So, he basically thinks that 1) he doesn't have a chance to get her, 2) if he did, he'll lose her, and 3) she's going to be a lot of work.

    Because oceans of guys think like this - the only exception being the hunky guys - the beautiful girl either can't find a guy or goes with dickhead hunky guys (who suffer from Beautiful Guy Syndrome). Of course, the regular guys see the beauties with the hunky guys and that just reinforces their belief that they don't have a chance...

    Oh, and one more thing: Since the beautiful girls can get guys, they are getting laid... So, any new boyfriend has to "compete" against all of her past lovers and many guys don't think they are going to "measure up" (if you know what I mean) compared to those past hunky guys.



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  • Perhaps her Personality or Attitude is letting her down.

    • Aren’t attractive women actively pursued? I mean the only time she’s really gotten a lot of attention was from online. So in person, why does no one really seem interested in talking to her?

    • For the very reasons that I've already mentioned.
      Chatting to someone on line and meeting/talking to someone in real life are two entirely different things.

    • Less anxiety

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