Need advice on what's going on between me and this guy? What should I do?

I've been confused with this guy I once hooked up (couple times actually) but he's just a tourist so I thought its just another hook up. But even after he went back to his country 2 weeks ago. He still texts me almost everyday, that's confusing because we can't hook up anymore and I told him I won't send any nudes or dirty sex. He seemed okay with that, so why he still texts me?

Just now I told him again that we can't hook up (too far), no nudes and sexting so we're done. And he said "it's easy for you". And i told him its better for him so he can back on dating apps, find girl to hook up, nudes, etc. His response is telling me I'm crazy, tell me he's not my dork and asked why I said that shit.

I like him, but I have no idea whats going on. I don't want to get my feeling involved with someone who's thousand miles away. Falling in love and getting attached is scary for me.

Can someone suggest anything? Also I feel guilty that I told him so, make me looks crazy. Should i say sorry?


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  • No, yoiu were being honest. Don't send mixed Messages at this Point- you're correct that he is too far away.


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