If you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, do you hang out with a person the opposite sex alone?

There is a guy I like. I went to the movies with him, just us. He was telling me about his past and said he had a girlfriend. Although he said they broke it off because it was a long distance relationship. She lives in the United States and he lives in Canada. Then my friend was talking to him and he said he has a girlfriend. The same one in the US. Do you hang out with a person the opposite sex alone while you have a girlfriend or bf? Is it just me or do you find this weird? Do you think I have a chance with him?


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  • I know people that don't think its odd to hang out with someone of the opposite while in a relation ship but I have to think it IS. But that really isn't the point here. If this guy is in a relationship then you need to back off. If the guy is willing to cheat on the girl then odds are he will do the same to you.

    Stay friends, DONT do anything with this guy... no cuddling, kissing... NOTHING... and then when he is single go for it. Trust me, if he likes you and knows that he has to work for it... he will.


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  • No. Whether or not my wife and I have the trust to do it, it's just wrong. Your asking for something bad to happen and it's only a matter of time before accusations start flying.


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