After you have a girls number, what can you do next?

I'm almost through my first college semester. Numbers seem really easy to come by. At class you can just ask to get a number to work together sometime. At frat parties numbers are pretty easy to come by as well. What can I do with them though? Like am I suppose to jump on a number once I get it? Do numbers go extinct or can you randomly text or call up someone you haven't talked to in months?

Anyways, there's one person who I texted a bit and talked to a bit on facebook like once, are there any easy ways to ask to hang out or go to a party or does one just go for it.


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  • Sometimes its nice to get random texts/calls. No biggie. When you get the number of a girl you are actually interested in, and want to get to know better then hit her up. It doesn't have to be anything serious, you two could hang out on campus or outside of campus. grab food/coffee something laid back. If you know there's a party going on, you could ask her to come out. She could bring one of her girlfriends so she'll feel more comfortable. Then you two could hang out in a social setting.


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  • randomly text them

    start with a "hey what's up?"