Which gender generally plays more games when dating, Women, or Men?

And why do you think so?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • They both play games the same rate just different kinds

    • Women have more options statically speaking :P so they have the upper hand to play games and that includes playing hard to get which adds value to her :)

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  • Men, they can be be married to one woman in their home country with kids and be married to another woman abroad with kids.

    • There are women in marriages that have been caught only via a paternity test, that cheated on their spouse, got pregnant and lied about the father of their baby, to avoid the consequences of cheating on their spouse.

    • There are men who openly cheat on their wives, disrespect her and literally beat the shit out of her just because they feel they can and the woman loves them too much to leave them and they know it.

    • Clearly this argument can go back and forth. because for every scenario you can come up with, I can up with an even worst one. My goal was not a back and forth, but simply to emphasize that no one gender is worst. Because both genders do fucked up things to the other.

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