What is she doing to me guys?

I've been m. i. a. on g@g for a while because... well you guys know how life works and how busy it gets. Anyways! I’m dating a woman now. She’s super dope guys! She is 25, has a bachelors in design and arts and she’s very cute 😊 She’s funny and fun as well as smart. I haven’t dated a chick in over two years and she left a bad taste in my mouth. Honestly I wasn’t gunna date her because of my last situation with the same sex but this is different. It’s only been a bit over two months and I’m damn near crazy for her. I can’t stop seeing her and touching her. She can’t stop touching me. We are sooooo into each other. And for those asking... YES! We’ve been romantically involved. Sex is great. It’s like she already had to map to my body and almost (not quite) knew it better than me (I’ll go into detail with this in another question). We’ve been taking things slow and it’s been great but I’m scared. I’ve never been in a relationship with a woman and I’m scared for us to get into an altercation. We haven’t argued or had any sort of disagreement. I’m scared our first one will essentially make or break our super close friendship. What if she asks me to be her girlfriend? What if we argue and we don’t make up? She’s always on my mind... I haven’t felt like this in a very long time. What is she doing to me guys? I feel so vulnerable with her sometimes but don’t get me wrong... I keep my guard up for various reasons. I feel she’s got me without catching me. What should I do?


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  • Be careful.

  • Take the risk

    • I agree I’m just waiting for the right time

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    • Why now lol

    • Better sooner than later. Why? So you don't get to overthinking, and talk yourself out of it.

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