Why does my boyfriend call me by my given name (he knows I hate it)? Lol?

So I am not a fan of my name and always introduce myself as "Maggie" at school, at work, etc. My parents named me "Magnolia" and I honestly can't bring myself to like it lol. My boyfriend was always under the impression that my given name was Maggie until yesterday when he saw my passport. He was shocked and was like "Your real name is Magnolia?" I laughed it off but was like was like "Ugh. Please don't ever call me that. I hate it!" He just grinned playfully and was like "Whatever you say Magnolia." Then later that night he sent me a good night text saying "Good night Magnolia. I will always love you ;) " Why is he messing with me? Lol :) Also what do you think of my name and should I change it legally? :)


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  • Why not change the way you pronounce it: mag-no-LEA-uh?

    • The pronunciation doesn't really change the way I feel about my name lol :)

  • That name is horrible sorry lol Have fun with it though

    • I don't know what my parents were thinking lol :) I think it has some symbolic meaning to their love story but it is horrible aha :)

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