Does this girl low key have feelings still?

So me and this girl knew each other for 8 months. We never started out as friends. We were hooking up and messing around. She told me she liked me and always showed affection towards me.

Long story short I never asked her out and I think she got a little hurt from her bascially giving me lots of hints but I never asked her out. She went to study abroad and when came back after a month and we got lunch and dinner when she came back. I asked her to be my girlfriend and she told me she could only offer her pure friendship, and that she wants to be alone. And also that she sees me more as a friend. Weird because she used to be ALL over me. Giving me random kisses, holding my hand etc.

So fast foward a week later she's been texting me a lot, asking me questions, telling me good night and such and sending winky faces. We hung out yesterday and when she picked me up I could tell she's a little nervous around my presence. She was even getting close to me rubbing her body on me and touching my stomach and stuff and just laughing at everything I said... I feel she still likes me because how can you to being intimate and liking somebody a lot to seeing them as a friend out of nowhere? Especially if we never started out as friends...


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  • No she doesn't


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