Girls, Would You Date Me? ( please don't embarrass me too much)?

I'm a shy guy at times and when I first meet you I'll try to make you laugh and feel comfortable around me. As you get to know me I'll start to open up to you more, but won't tell you about my life until I feel like you will be here forever. love football, cooking, drawing, and poetry. I'm that tries to give you everything that you want and need. I'm very supportive and romantic at times. I don't like yelling or some dogs. I'm very loyal and a little sensitive. I carry a lot of baggage from my past but I try not to bring it to the future with me too much. I like trying new things and being adventurous and bold. I love to clean since I've been breed into it my whole life. I'm in the University of South Carolina-Lancaster studying business and I plan on owning my own business one day maybe few years after having everything setup just right in my life. I plan on graduating in a year and a half with my BA. I'm 5'9 240lbs of love, anger, trust problems, regret, depression, and pain but I cover it up just to hide the scares of my life. I do exercise and lift weights and eat right. I'm loving on the surface but if you can find the key you'll unlock everything about me.
Really as long as you're happy, I'm excited to have you around. I don't really go off ladies looks that much because I like to focus on the mind and heart.


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What Girls Said 3

  • Not personally. Me and "shy, sensitive" guys don't mix.

  • Not sure what 240 looks like. Its nice knowing you're not really a dog person. Im not really into football. But yea you have good qualitities.

    • Bad experiences with dogs but I can always try to get used to the dog more like if im dating a person. 240 is a lot depending on how you carry yourself like I am like 20% of body fat because I lift weights.

    • Yea im scared of dogs due to bad experiences. Makes me wanna cry when my of thinks of getting one

  • No
    ~ Mrs Manson


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