Should I kiss him or not?

So I really like this guy and he used to like me too and I think he still does since we slow danced and hug all the time and stuff like that.. but this Friday is the last day in school before winter break starts so you know I want him to be thinking of me the whole I was wondering if I should kiss him on the cheek to show that I like him? or not? I'm a freshman in highschool..if that helps at all hah he's not that shy of a guy but sometimes he can be like when it comes to the next kiss or no kiss?


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  • Kiss him and I'm sure he will like it. ;)

    Help me with mine please thanks:



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  • Go for it! But don't make a big deal about it :) And do it sort of last minute so its too late for him to say anything so he will totally think of you all break because it was so random :D

    • alrightt I think I will(: thanks so muchh!

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