Long distance relationship help?

I met a guy in Ohio and really started to like him and he felt the same way towards me, we have very strong feelings for each other and before I left Ohio to go back to Florida he asked me out and said he wanted to make the long distance work and he thinks we're right for each other we we're very intimate and serious about our relationship before I left and then 3 weeks into being in long distance he says he doesn't know if he can handle it, he wants to be able to take me out and see me regularly and do normal couple things and it's hurting him that he can't. He said he doesn't know if the distance will work. He hasn't talked to me much since he said that and he keeps avoiding the talking about it question and he says that he's not ready to talk about it but I don't understand why. I don't wany to bug him constantly and overwhelm him so I'm trying to be calm with it. why isn't he ready to talk about it? What's going through his head?


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  • he probably ants to date you, but distance is a deal breaker for him :/

    • He actually started ignoring me completely for about a week just not responding at all and I still don't know why but we talked today and he said that he's not ready to date, and we broke it off mutually but why wouldn't he be ready to date? I keep feeling like it's something I did when in reality it's probably just distance or something else. Do you have any advice?

    • well... he's still young, and probably wants to wait a while before getting into a serious relationship?

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