He told me he was done when he was veryyyy drunk (possibly blackout). did he mean this?

He got very drunk in front of his friends, told me he doesn’t want to sleep with me anymore and that he was “done” in front of said friends all because I wouldn’t let him tell one of his friends about how I thought he tried to rape me. we’ve been seeing each other for 4 months, he has told me he loved me, but tonight he told me he hates me. After his friends left, I stayed because I wanted to talk in private. He ended up throwing up for an hour, I took care of him and tucked him in bed. What the fuck is going on? Hopefully he feels different in the morning, I’m typing this as I lay next to him in his bed. He told me to leave (before he threw up and in front of one of his friends) and I said no and he told me that he loved that I said no, so here I stay. HELP


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  • No he didn't mean it. He will probably have a woody in the morning and if your there next to him you will probably get poked with it

    • I ended up staying, he didn’t have a boner lmfao but he did apologize for his actions the previous night and admitted he was lying about hating me and never wanting to see me ever again. He was just trying to provoke me.

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  • lol take your things and leave babydoll


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  • I'm not drunk at all but u can play stupid all that u want to I don't care I have about 30 films only phone of u not just this guy one name Patrick in was a couple of days and one more and this guy here if anyone wants to challenge me about it then we will all sit down together u think all of us guys can fuck u while we r watching it thank u Dawn for destroyed my heart to pieces and ur name isn't that fucking clean either don't point at anyone but u

  • So the dude tried to raped you and says he doesn't like you. Is my take away from this. I would leave.

    • Nooo I thought his friend tried to rape me. He does like me, he in fact loves me. he admitted the next morning that he doesn’t hate me and was just trying to provoke me. He’s a complete ass when he drinks but a total sweetheart sober. It’s really infuriating. He also hadn’t taken his depression meds so he was really wildin

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