I ruined my life on purpose?

Because of a family feud... i didn't have any boundaries i let everyone walk over me. Ofcourse i regret that a lot... i pretended i was mentally ill for sympathy and attention... now it says on my record im unstable when im totally not... everything was for people caring for me... i m so ashamed of my behavior in the past... the things i took for granted... the people i have let walk over me... i miss my family the days i had everything... but now everything is broken... everything.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I think the fact itself that you pretend to be mentally ill for sympathy, makes you unstable.
    Some mistakes can't be fixed but you can always try to be better and apologize. Also don't let anyone take advantage of toy.

    • yh but not unstable in like crazy crazy... it was all calculated

    • I know but it's still something that needs to be worked on if you feel the need for attention and sympathy. You need to seriously work on it. But it's good that you're admitting it and taking the first step.

  • You live and you learn, bud. Now what would you like to do with your lesson? Continue on the same and get the same results? Or try something new and see what changes you can make? Good luck!


What Guys Said 1

  • shit happens man, Life happens, you are not the only one in this, a lot of other people do the same things too in their life and some people do more horrible things, anyways, what happened has happened, i know saying that you should move on won't help you, because no matter what, you are still going tho remember that a lot of times and think about it, its not a bad thing when you want attention from your family, and you do things like that so you just can get attention from your family, its totally ok, i can understand, just try to focus on building a good future for yourself while you still have time, dont let the past stop you from moving ahead, learn your lessons from your worst experiences in life and try to be strong


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