Is he interested in sleeping with me?

This is my ex boyfriend’s new roommate. He watched my Instagram stories 2 days in a row & wasn’t even following me. Then after all this happened with my ex trying to meet up with other girls over the weekend, he ended up eventually following me and he’s liking my pictures and watches every single one of my stories. I think he’s reslly cute.

So last night I sent him a message hey. He just said what’s going on. I joked and says it’s past his bedtime & he was just like “Fair enough, how did you know I was up.” I didn’t. I told him I had been meaning to ask him a question but I will just wait and he said “Okay. I ain’t going anywhere.”

I’ve only met him twice. He came over with my ex last week (who was my boyfriend at the time) to look at my car. Before I walked outside I heard him say “I’m surprised your girlfriend isn’t here.” Then when I walked out he started waving at me. Then after my ex left to test drive my car he started talking to me asking me how I been & stuff but didn’t really talk to me when my boyfriend was around.


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