Dating site messages?

So i joined a dating websote the other day. I started messaging this girl, we clicked a bit. She has a similiar personality to mine and everything. She has responded to my last message. I was wondering how long i should wait before messaging her again or if i should just forget about her?
I made a typo in my question. I meant to say hasn't responded to my last message. Sorry for the confusion.


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  • Dating sites are tough because if you're a woman, you get dozens of responses every day so you're competing pretty hard with other men for the attentions of this one girl. Because of this, I think you should be messaging as many women as possible. Additionally, if you really do find this girl interesting, you need to be aggressive and be willing to ask her out rather quickly. I say go ahead and message her again, but keep messaging other women. This is the way the meat market works.

  • Why would you forget her? She responded back to your message. Unless you are busy and can't reply, it's best to keep the conversation going. So wait for whatever show you're watching to go to a commercial break, and then reply back.


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