***PLEASE HELP*** Fiance and brother clash?

2 months ago my fiance came with my family and I overseas to visit my relatives. My brother saw I was unhappy because my fiance and I were arguing for a week, so my brother let out his frustration at dinner and disrespected my fiance and yelled at him and wagged his finger at him (my brother got involved in something he shouldn't have).

I begged my fiance to apologize to my brother in the airport. My fiance was hesitant and said that he did nothing wrong, but he went and was the bigger man and apologized to him (i felt it was insincere apology)

anyways, after we got back, while my brother was still overseas, my fiance invited my brother's kids to come over and swim at his swimming pool and then brought me and my brother's kids dinner and we ate together.

Yesterday, I told my fiance he needs to break the ice with my brother. He flipped! he said "I am the one who apologized. I'm the one who invited his kids over to swim while he was on vacation. and you still want ME to apologize even though he wronged me? Shame on you..."

Is he right to be upset?
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What Guys Said 1

  • Your brother interfered with something he shouldn't have. Your fiance didn't start it up with your brother and even swallowed a bitter pill and his pride by apologizing your brother and did his best in breaking the ice. The way he has dealt with it is pretty much worth a praise and a ton of men would have dealt worse with that.

    On a side note i think you should not worry about their relations too much. They dont need to hold hands to be in "good terms" they might even have a "dont mess with my business and i won't mess with yours"-thing going on. Such is the world of men. As long as they don't hate eachother and get along in the prescence of each other they're fine.


What Girls Said 1

  • He has every right to feel upset, as your brother butted in on something that was not his business. Yes, your brother stood up for you, but he let this get out of hand and HE should be the one to say sorry.


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