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Say you are in a long term relationship and you started talking to another person because you got bored, would you tell the new person that you are in a relationship already?
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  • Yes I would be honest with both people. I would be honest with my SO, tell her that the relationship has gotten boring and that I might look for excitement outside of it. Also tell the new girl that I am already in a relationship. That way there is no deception and everyone is clear. But in reality when I tell my SO that things are boring, I would expect to work with her to spice things up so that I don't have to gain emotional or mental intimacy outside of the relationship.

    If I didn't tell them, then it's cheating. I don't cheat, do you?


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  • If I am in a relationship, that means I am committed to my partner so I would not be talking to another female in a flirtatious/exploring the possibilities kind of way. That is emotional cheating.

  • Yes, I would.

  • You should also be honest with the person you're dating.


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