Girls, a bmw 435i coupe m sport package? or a mercedes c300 coupe will attract more girls towards the cars (boys)?

  • bmw 435i coupe
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  • mercedes c300 coupe
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What Girls Said 3

  • Who the fuck gives a toss what car it is. I am not impressed by either car, or any other expensive car.

  • Who cares? It’s just a car.

  • Not sure 'attract' would be the word, we tend to NOTICE guys with nice cars but that doesn't mean that's ALL we care about or are even looking for.

    Gun to my head, I guess I'd be slightly more willing to talk to the bmw owner because they can appreciate a quality machine; mercedes specializes a bit more on ride interior aestetics which is difficult to have a starting conversation point with a stranger. This particular line of coupes is very similar though in terms of performance so really it's just a brand preference.


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