Does he like me or am I a back-up plan?

So about more than a week ago I broke up with my bf, but it's all good. I'm not sad. We'd grown apart so I was sort of used to it. That day I started texting this other guy a lot. He was being all flirty and stuff, and even being totally blunt and saying that he wants me.

So back at school, he acts just the same. Flirty and fun, but I can't tell if he really likes me or is just messing around...he admitted to liking this other girl, and I kind of guessed that already, but he says he doesn't think she likes him, and she said she doesn't like him.

He told me that all his friends say I'm just on rebound and I'll take whoever treats me good right now. Which is NOT true. I told him that's not true, and if anyone's on rebound it's him, and that I'm like a back-up plan, and even that's a maybe. He said that "in a twisted way, it's kinda true".

But he's still all flirty and crap and acts like nothing has changed? WHAT GIVES?

And now, I think he's gonna ask me to prom (but the other girl already had a date so that makes sense).

I need help. I don't wanna fall too much for him if he's bad, so I need some advice.



he asked me. and that' exciting =] and we've been talking more about relationships and not just physical stuff or fun yeah, i'm pretty happy.


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  • Like, just wait a while if he doesn't ask you to the prom so what? You'll have fun anyway. And if he still acts the same way a little later, you know he likes you so, whatevv.


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  • Maybe he's confused as well because it sounds like he's in the same situation as you so just stand by his side and just be there for him and in the end he will realize what is right!

  • back up

  • likes you

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